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94523 extractions

94523 Extractions

Dental extractions in 94523

At Diablo Valley Dental, your oral health is our top priority. When a tooth is severely compromised, our team will typically do everything we can to treat it and preserve it in the dental arch; however, in some cases we may recommend 94523 extractions. An extraction can help prevent subsequent damage to your teeth and gums as well as their supporting bone structure. We will take all factors into consideration when determining if an extraction is the best course of treatment for maintaining your oral health and overall well being.

When a tooth in non-restorable, a wisdom tooth is impacted or a baby tooth is reluctant to fall out, our highly skilled dentist may recommend an extraction. We will perform a thorough, precise examination to analyze and evaluate your condition and design a most effective treatment plan. A cracked tooth or a tooth that has been broken down beneath the gum line may require an extraction to resolve or prevent infection. Impacted or poorly positioned wisdom teeth are especially susceptible to decay and infection; a wisdom tooth extraction may be beneficial in preserving the health of any adjacent teeth and structures surrounding the tooth. Sometimes, a baby tooth will not fall out on its own, and our dentist will need to remove it to allow the permanent tooth to come in. For 94523 extractions, our team delivers gentle, compassionate care, keeping your informed and at ease throughout the process. We strive to mitigate any worry or anxiety you may experience, and will answer any questions you may have about treatment. Following your extraction, our dentist will discuss with you our many state-of-the-art options for tooth replacement, if needed.

At Diablo Valley Dental, we offer a comprehensive rang of services, including preventive care, cosmetic treatment and 94523 extractions. We prioritize your comfort and strive to make every visit a stress-free experience. To learn more about dental extractions or any of our other services, call us today.

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